Thank you all so much for all you instill in him. He's growing not only physically but spiritually also. It's truly amazing the things he comes home and tells us! It's a blessing to have you all in his life!                                                                                 -9th grade parent

Mrs. Malone, thank you so much for teaching my daughter great writing skills! They have helped her make the Dean's List at Furman University each semester of  her freshman year. It is amazing to hear her speak Japanese and write Japanese as her professor states better than Japanese people do themselves. I am very proud of her 4.0 last semester @ Furman!
Hope your school year is going well! Keep teaching the SCA students GREAT writing skills!
                                                                                              -2010 SCA graduate parent

First night at Clemson and already got into some deep theological discussions with someone who is really confused and trying to "find his own path". He says he believes in God but he is not so sure about Jesus. After my friend and I had like a hour long conversation with him I feel like we made a little progress and he will want to talk to us more about it later. But I just wanted to thank you for the role you played in helping me be so outspoken and sure of my faith where I didnt feel at a loss for words when He was asking questions and knowing that what I believed was true and nothing he could throw at me could change that.                                                                                                                   -2011 SCA graduate

My husband and I are very confident we are making the right decision by sending our son to SCA.  Having the opportunity to observe Mrs. Christopher's class and then later talking with her one-on-one made me feel this school is for sure where the Lord is leading us to send our son.  Hearing Mrs. Christopher discuss how she runs her school day and how she incorporates biblical truths into her activites/subjects truly was an answer to our prayers!  It is very obvious Mrs. Christopher is a biblically sound teacher that cares deeply about her students and their well being.  We look forward to sharing our child with her!        -Future K5 parent

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you what a caring group of teachers you have. You may not have been aware that I was injured right before the 5K race was to start but continued to try to run. It was short lived. I wanted to give a shout out to Ann Bolton who was right there from the start and Debbie Christopher who held onto me and tried to make me laugh despite the intense pain I was in. I was also truly amazed that after Ms. Mosley got me into the golf cart and took me to the gym for ice, she prayed for/with me. Later that day she also called to check on me. What a wonderful thing to happen in the midst of a tragedy.  I am truly blessed to have my girls there and grateful for all the care I received after I got hurt. You have a great team. I am feeling much better but very disappointed that I couldn’t run with the rest of my family, but thankful that I had support!. SCA ROCKS!
                                                                                                - 1st grade parent

A question on our Bible test today said, “Write a paragraph explaining how witnessing can be compared to growing a crop.”

One of my students wrote,  “Mrs. Christopher, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Noland, and Mrs. Coffey planted the seed of God’s word in my life, my parents watered the seed, and God helped me to trust him as my Savior and to grow in Him.”

We must be doing something right at SCA!                                     -5th grade teacher

My son, in 3k, was out sick several days and when we returned to school everyone including teachers I didn't even know were telling him, "We have been praying for you to feel better."  Then in his classroom his teacher gave him a big hug and explained how the class had been praying for him while he was sick.  His classmates even told us they had been praying at night for him to feel better.  It felt so wonderful to leave him that day in an environment that loves on him while he is in school and loves on him when he is out sick.  I know my child is being covered in prayers by people who love like I do and that makes a Mom happy.     -3K parent

The decision to place our children in a Christian private school was one that was not taken lightly, after all, it isn't cheap to pay for three kids to attend.

We prayed long and hard about it and felt like SCA was the right choice.

Recently I lost my job and people said I was "crazy to spend that much money just to send my kids to school". Although I understand their concerns on this, as I have my own concerns, I had to shift my focus as to what the money was being spent on. I chose to look at the financial part of an SCA education as an "investment" into my children, rather than an expense to me.

In a two car household, some people make new car payments that sometimes equal up to the same amount as my children's SCA education. And a new car is FAR from an investment. In fact its likely one of the worst financial things to do. But I digress :-)

The point is, these are my children. They have been given to me by God to raise in the best way I can in order to glorify and honor Him. As long as I can afford to continue to invest in their education with a facility such as SCA, I will.    -6th, 9th and 10th grades parent

Please pass on a hello and thanks to my son's teachers at SCA.  You may not comprehend the impact you had on his life.  I saw some key foundational pieces put in place in my son's life.  Most of all, I think he came to know that people who truly care for you, hold you accountable, and they do that because they care.  SCA does a wonderful job of caring and providing opportunity to learn.      -12th grade parent

 I have a friend who says she recently got saved, but isn't willing to change who she really is and she is tired of people preaching to her and judging her. She doesn't believe in hell, but she does believe in heaven. I'm concerned that she is getting mixed messages and is just tired of being judged because I think she is just scared and searching, but has been burned too many times by "Christians" that she wants to pick and choose what she wants to believe in our religion. You were right in saying there were going to be different religious views we would encounter when we got to college. I thought I would be ok going to a Christian college, and I am when it comes to my schooling, but when it comes to the people...it's like every other college. It helps knowing all the different religions out there. I really miss the apologetics class. I need your help on this and knew you would give the best advice. I would really appreciate your help so that I can help my friend out.  -2010 SCA graduate 

  There were some other guys at the table and one was obviously an evolutionist and
I overheard part of their conversation. After I grabbed some food I came back to join it... So I've been at college a little over a week and already have had the chance to bust out some
SCA apologetics. -2010 SCA graduate                                        

     Yesterday, my son started his first day in 8th grade at Spartanburg Christian Academy. After school, while in my classroom he said, “Mom, I know you never thought you would hear me say this, but that was the best school day of my life!” He was just beaming with excitement. Then he got teary eyed and said he made 7 friends without even trying.  

It gets better—last night, while saying prayers, he started to cry while thanking God for his first day at SCA. Then he started bawling his eyes out because he was so happy. My husband ran up the stairs to check on us because he heard him carrying on and crying so hard. I reassured him that they were happy tears. My son grabbed onto my husband and me and thanked us for sending him to this new school and thanked God for answering his prayers after so many years of pain, depression and loneliness…..he just went on and on like this. The flood gates were open and we were all hugging and crying and rejoicing together. It is really hard to put down into words, but I really saw God work a miracle in my son yesterday. He said when he walked down the hallway, there was a banner that read: “Come back to me.  ...God”  My son said he saw it all day long and felt peaceful, happy and joy like he has never experienced before. He said his cheeks hurt from smiling so much.
     Wow! How is that for a first day of school?!!! We knew it was going to be good, but God showed off and made it even better than we could have imagined. Nothing is impossible with God.

Never take our prayer requests for granted….God is listening and he will answer our prayers in His time and in His will.
     -With my deepest thanks for always praying for my son and our family. -8th grade parent


     First and foremost, praise the Lord for you and SCA.  We are so thankful to God that we can send our precious boys to SCA to learn about our Savior at a very young age.  It just gives me so much joy whenever our children casually and naturally talk about Jesus and who He is. 
     As precious as young children are, I know that they can be very “difficult” and challenging at times.  Thank you for your love and patience.   -K3 and K5 parent

     It was a pleasure to meet you at the SCA Auction and to be part of such an awesome event!!!  It was so well done and just oozed excellence in all areas! 

     I hope you received my son’s graduation announcement.  I wanted SCA to be able to "toot their own horn" a bit.  With Honors!!! How about that?  Also, he will be receiving a prestigious award - the Algernon Sydney Sullivan award for outstanding service to Clemson University.  Toot! Toot!  -2006 SCA graduate mom

     Thank you so much for your sincere interest in my child and his success....and I also thank your staff.  I notice and appreciate all of the extra efforts from everyone involved with my son.


     We received your letter yesterday about AP classes for my daughter next year and were pleased to see that she has been identified as a candidate for three classes.  You have certainly made tremendous strides at SCA in the Advanced Placement area since my oldest daughter graduated just 3 years ago when there were no AP classes available for her.  Nonetheless, she has done very, very well at the University of Georgia with the academic preparation SCA provided for her and we pray for nothing less for our soon to be graduating daughter.  -2011 senior parent