Accelerated Reader


      Accelerated Reader FAQ’s

What is it?

A computerized reading management program that motivates students to read thus increasing student reading ability.

How does it work?

A student reads an AR book and takes a multiple-choice computer quiz to check comprehension. The computer prints out a report (called a TOPS report) for the student, giving results of quiz and a cumulative report of all quizzes taken for year.

What titles have AR quizzes?

In the SCA library, AR books are coded with dots and labels.

The is a convenient way to search

for quizzes available for SCA students.

Pdf files sorted by title, author, and reading range are available below.


Where and when can the quizzes be taken?

In the classroom, the computer lab, and the library as schedules allow.

The library opens at 8:00 am and closes at 3:30 pm.

How many quizzes is a student required to take?

Each teacher has specific requirements. After completing class requirements, a student is encouraged to read for further enrichment and skill development.  Parent and student are encouraged to work together to set goals and develop an individual incentive program.


Can a student

Re-take a quiz?

No.  If a student scores below 60% on a quiz, he receives no

credit for the quiz.  The AR program does not permit a quiz to be taken more than one time.

How can parents know

a student’s progress?

8Log onto Home Connect

 to view student’s last quiz and a “bookshelf” of all the quizzes taken previously.  HomeConnect username and password is the same your child uses to take an AR quiz at school.

    Important: Do not use Bookfinder on Home Connect

           to search for quizzes available for SCA students.

8Sign up for EMAIL SETUP on Home Connect (upper right hand corner) to receive e-mail whenever student takes a quiz.  To be sure e-mails reach your mailbox enter to your address book.


Accelerated Reader List

Sorted by Title

Sorted by Author

Sorted by Book Level



Designed to make it easy for you to search and obtain books to support your child’s AR reading endeavor.  Use it to develop a customized list reflecting student ability and interest.



Important note: When searching for AR quizzes available to SCA students, use instead of Bookfinder on HomeConnect.