2016 Summer Reading Requirements

For 2nd - 5th grades
Congratulations on completing another year CHOCK FULL of learning at SCA.
Your  teachers (along with the whole SCA family) wish you a healthy and happy summer.  Part of a great summer is having extra time to READ!! You already know the more you read, the more you learn, the better you write, and the more knowledge you have to share. 
SOOOOOO….this summer, we want you to read a lot. Please read three (3) books of your choosing and complete a “response sheet” for each one. If you need some book suggestions, your teachers have made a list for you of titles you may enjoy.
 When you return to SCA in the fall, bring your (3) book response sheets with you.  Your teacher has a fun activity planned for you to do, using one of the books you read during the sweet summertime!

Also check the Warrior Link at the bottom of this page for some great reading resources especially for young readers.

Suggested Reading List for 2nd - 5th grades

2nd grade (Response Sheet)

3rd grade (Response Sheet)

4th grade (Response Sheet)

5th Grade Newberry Medal Book   5th Grade Response Sheet


For 6th grade - Highschool

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

English I CP

English I Honors

English II CP

English II Honors 

English III
English III Honors  

English IV 

English IV Honors 

AP Literature and Composition

College Writing

AP Language and Composition