News & Updates

Seventh grader Logan Morris wins overall at the county meet at Milliken this past Saturday for our cross country team.  Logan ran 18:50 beating her own school record!
Shelby Wright placed 10th and Madison Seay placed 11th in the varsity race.
Kaylin Rogers placed 2nd and Andie Reber placed 7th in the JV race.

More information to come.

Third grade has been studying mammals!  Today each student had the opportunity to bring their pet to school to show off! They had a combination of dogs, cats and even a donkey! More pictures are on our facebook page. 

      Over 100 teachers, students, parents, grandparents, administration were led by our Headmaster round the gym for our annual Walk At School.  The 8- week Fitness initiative has officially begun.  There will be a site on our web page where you will see and hear success stories from you the teacher, our students, and their families about their personal and family fitness activities including programs and nutritional habits.  Let’s see what can happen as we the Warrior Family commit to giving attention to becoming a “Vessel FIT

     SLi students had an incredible experience last Friday as they attended the National Apologetics Conference in Charlotte.  They were able to sit in on many sessions led by world renowned leading experts in apologetics and other related fields such as Josh McDowell, Frank Turek, Gary Habermas, Michael Brown, Bill Dembski, and many others.  We were the only high school group represented there in a group of more than 2,000 people.  Most of the folks that attended were 40 plus.  I am very excited about what God is doing through Sli under the leadershi

     The Competitive Team finished out their season with a win this past Saturday in Columbia. The team competed for the SCISA 2A State Title against 5 other SCISA teams at Ben Lippen Highschool. They also received their highest score of 251 points seperating them by 23 points from the Generals from Cathedral Academy. What a great way to end our season! What do we want? Glory! For who? For HIM! SCA Warriors!

The Competitive Cheer Team finished their team service project with a celebration on Thursday, October 14. When the Hendrix Elementary students arrived for their reading time, they found cupcakes and cookies instead of books.

In exchange for gym time at Hendrix, the 12 members of the Competitive Squad dedicated 30 minutes of each practice to reading with 25 elementary students during their extended care.  The team logged over 88 service hours during their season.  We will miss our "reading buddies."

The biology classes extracted DNA from strawberries.  Using a very simple “recipe”, we used salt, shampoo, and alcohol to remove the DNA from the strawberries.  We used strawberries because they have a large amount of DNA per cell.  The students actually pulled the DNA out of the cells, and were able to hold it in their hands.  Really cool! 

In Government class, the students did a mock trial of a case presented to them interpreting the 1st amendment on “freedom of speech.” Should song lyrics have the right to contain messages condoning violence and other behavior that endangers the safety of the public? Are these songs an expression of art or an negative influencing message?

Go to facebook to view all pictures.

 "Trick Dacey" came to visit fourth grade.  This famous detective is in search of theories of what happened to the people of The Lost Colony.  The students were given the responsibility of trying to solve this Mystery of History! 

     SCA hosted it's inaugural cheer competition this past Saturday.  The Warrior Witness Invitational was a tremendous success.  We had 6 SCISA schools represented and the Boiling Springs Cheer Dawgs competed as a recreation league.  Thanks to all the cheer parents for all their help in making this a first class event.  Also to all those from our athletic area.  Many compliments were received on our student athlete "guides".  A special thanks to all the c