Logan Morris Finished 9th at the Footlocker National Championship 2015!

Congratulations to Logan Morris for finishing 9th with a time of 17:35 at the Footlocker National Championship 2015 Cross Country Race.

Logan's point of view of the Footlocker Nationals:

Overall feelings about the race:  It went better than I expected! I planned to race in the middle of the pack and hold on, but when the gun went off, I went to the front of the pack. I fell back some places as the race progressed, but I felt strong and confident. I was able to race the last 1000m hard and finish with a strong kick. I'm so excited to finish 9th in the nation!

Best part of the race:  The best part of my race was when I made my move into 9th place. With 1000m left, right before the second big hill, I was close to top 15 (All American). I wasn't going to be that close and not make it. So, I passed a few girls up the hill, then a few more at the top, and two girls going down the hill. I moved into 11th place with about 500m to go. Then, I decided to race for top 10. I kicked in the last 100m to pass two girls right at the finish line to finish 9th!

The FLCC Experience:  The Foot Locker experience is like no other. This has been such an amazing weekend! I loved running with other elite athletes, meeting so many sweet girls, bonding with the South team, and being able to compete in the national race. I am blessed to be here, and I will remember these past few days for the rest of my life. 

Personal note:  First off, the glory goes to God for allowing me to run and train every day. I would not be able to accomplish anything without God. Thank you to Mom, Dad, Taylor, and Avery for your constant support of me in everything I do. Thanks for being my motivation! Thank you to my coaches for challenging me and believing in me. You give me the courage to try crazy things and step out of my comfort zone. And thanks to my future coach at Clemson University, Coach Porter, for coming to my races this year. Thank you to Tyler, my boyfriend, for coming to all my races and even making the trip to San Diego. You are awesome, and I am so blessed. Finally, shoutout to everyone in SCA who supports me and inspires me!