Congratulations to our Boys and Girls Soccer Players

Congratulations to the SCA Warriors who made competitive club soccer teams for the 2015-2016 season. 

Over 20% of our SCA soccer program is now involved in competitive club soccer.  This is the highest level of club soccer participation we have achieved and a major milestone in the development of our program.  Competitive soccer is demanding and rewarding, so when you see them, please take a moment to congratulate and encourage them. 

1.       Robert Bailey (CFC)
2.       Seth Baugh (CFC)
3.       Adam Bujtor (CFC)
4.       Matthew Christopher (CFC)
5.       Owen Hammett (CFC)
6.       Cash High (CFC)
7.       Elise Brown (CFC)
8.       Riley Brents (CESA)*  (SCISA All-Region, SCISA All-Star)
9.       Christelle Clark  (CFC)
10.     Savannah Kochanowicz (CFC)
11.     Alyssa Robinson (CFC)