Congratulations to our Guys Track Team! State Runner-Up!

The SCA track teams had their best day of all time at their State meet on Saturday.

The boys almost doubled last season’s point total.  They scored 38.5 points to finish 2nd to Trinity.  
They collected their 1st ever trophy is boys track.  

Here are some of Coach Conway’s comments to the team summarizing the day’s events and highlighting some key performances.

  • Ben Christopher won 2 events for the 2nd year in a row and added on a 2nd place in the 800.  He scored 13 points- the 2nd highest of any SCISA 2A guy.
  • Luke Johnson has found his calling.  He scored 8.5 individual points by winning the long jump, taking 2nd place in the triple jump, and tying for 3rd in the high jump.  He has a flair for the dramatic.  He was 2nd in the long jump, with only one attempt left, and jumped 1.5 feet farther than he jumped all day.  (20 feet 8 inches.)  That is almost a foot farther than he had ever jumped in his career.
  • The Boys 4x100 was breath-taking.  Poole made up the stagger, Martin extended the lead, Powell kept it, and Stevens brought it home. We were seeded 3rd, we had a SHOTPUTTER on 2nd leg and a part-time track athlete on 4th leg, yet we beat a team that was heavily favored over us.  It was a great story of redemption after dropping the baton last year.
  • The boys 4x400 was also remarkable.  Luke Johnson ran his best split all year to take the lead, Uri Dreher extended that lead, Seth Mason gave every ounce of effort possible to run HIS best time of the year, then Kendall held off the individual 400 meter state champ to preserve the win. 
  • Boys 4x8 had to be seen to be believed.  Each guy ran his best of the year.  Sam Diestler by 6 seconds, Uri Dreher by 2 seconds (what a first lap!), Matthew Burgess by 8 seconds, and Joe Ciotta by 2 seconds. We set a new school record by 10 seconds.  And that's with 3 freshman on the team!
  • And Grant Wright!  So much drama.  He would not score a point unless he could throw 37' 6" in the shotput- a mark that had eluded him all year.  On his final attempt- 38 FEET!  2ND Place and 3 big points!
  • Ashton also had a great day- he scored a point in the 100 and ran a new school record in the 200. 
  • Michael Burgess- just a 7th grader, matched his best times of the year in the 1 and 2 mile races.  Ben Christopher did not run these times until his 9th grade year and he just won his 4th state medal.

    Overall it was a very special day- the best day ever in SCA track.
    Thanks to the coaches- Coach Baldwin, Coach Ericson, Coach Anderson and especially Coach Turner.