Another Day at SCA

Kendall Stevens Austin Turner Nick Edwards and Landon Moss were playing basketball in the gym when the 1st grade came in for their PE class.  The students started cheering and yelling for them as they would shoot and score. Yes the goals were down already for the 1st graders to shoot. As the PE teacher I stood and watched the electricity between the age span, the "heroism" as the "big guys" would dunk the basketball..So I decided to put 1 minute on the clock to generate if possible more enthusiasm, and then make the score tied at 98-98 after all it is MARCH AND IT IS MAD. Right?  At the end of 1 minute as time and the tradition of March Madness would have it the score was tied again 100-100...should there be an overtime?  Should I start class?  Could there be more to add to the basketball lesson in what was being seen before their eyes? So ..1 more minute...the game ended 103-102...but not the I introduced the gentlemen of our school one at a time..the 1st graders continued to cheer..asking for autographs..Kendall Stevens spoke of JESUS CHRIST and playing ball for HIM.  Yes just another day in the gym...just another day at SCA....a seamless student body interacting, modeling JESUS...playing ball for JESUS...being human heroes for JESUS.