Science Fair Winners

Coach Brown, Mrs. Willis, and Mrs. Hooper would like to recognize all of the SCA Intermediate and SCA Middle School students for their hard work this year on their science fair projects.  They would like to thank the SCA administration, staff, students, and parents for making the 2014 SCA Science Fair a huge success.   Coach Brown would also like to acknowledge Cassidy Carlisle and his team of elite professionals from the Milliken Corporation for partnering with us and doing an exceptional job judging the projects each year. The following students have been recognized for placing in this year’s science fair.  Earning category recognition in the SCA science fair also provides an opportunity to compete at the regional science fair to be held at USC-Upstate.  These students will be receiving information soon on signing up to compete at the next level.  

3rd – Which Paper Airplane Flies The Farthest? – Grant Swafford (5th)

2nd – Does “Yeti” Keep Its Promise to Keep Ice The Longest? – Avery Alexander (5th)

1st – What Are The Odds? Can You Predict The Dreidel? – Caleb Friend (7th)

3rd – What Matters Most About Parachute Design? - Seth Baugh (7th)

2nd – Skateboarding Physics – Alex Howell (8th)

1st – Will the Temperature Difference Make Your Building Crumble? – Bryce Seay (6th)

3rd – Have Acid? Need Relief? – Jon Gaminde (8th)

2nd – Which PVD Coating Improves Productivity? – Kyle Volk (7th)

1st – Which over the Counter Antacid Is the Most Effective? – Sarah Singleton (5th)

3rd – Sweating the Score: Can Video Games Be a Form of Exercise?  - Ryan Willis (5th)

2nd – What Is a Catfish’s Favorite Meal? – Jacob Henderson (8th)

1st – Suitable Soil – Timothy Pack (7th)

General Science:
3rd – Which Bag Will Burst? – Collin Sparks (8th)

2nd – Does It Really Pay to Buy More Expensive Batteries? – Cole Clardy (6th)

1st – What is the Best Fabric for Protection from Wind Chill? – Molly Suttle (5th)

Behavioral Science:
3rd – Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks? – Colin Calvert (5th)

2nd – How Memorable Is Your Slogan? – Robert Bailey (7th)

1st – Do the Eyes Have It? – Belle Bowen (7th)