Congratulations to the XC Youth Series Winners

Congratulations to our SCA Warrior Runners from the youth XC Running Series in the October 8 race:
SCA Warrior Runners from October 8 race:

1-2 Grade Division
2nd Place Sophia Baugh

3-4 Grade Division
Girls 3K
Kendall Rogers

Boys 3K
Lathan Moss

5-6 Grade Division
Girls 3K
2nd Place Chloe Peden

Boys 3K
1st Place Dillon Wright
2nd Place Seth Baugh
3rd Place Lawson Moss
October 22, 2012                    
November 5, 2012

CAROLINA HOMESCHOOL COUGARS is sponsoring the Youth XC Running series. This running series is for grades 1-6. The second meet was on Monday October 8.  The Warriors were represented in a “Mighty Warrior” way.  The next race is scheduled for October 22 at the Dorman Freshman Campus.  For times and more information or

Grades and Times:
Grades 1-2                    5:30 p.m.           1 mile race
Grades 3-4                    5:45 p.m.           3K race
Grades 5-6                    6:15 p.m.           3K race