SCA Makes Stride at the FCA 7 on 7 camp!

It’s not really surprising that Spartanburg Christian Academy had a few butterflies competing in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes 7 on 7 Camp.
After all, it was the Warriors first time facing varsity competition of any kind.
SCA is a second-year football program but only played a middle school and junior varsity schedule last year. It played eight games against the likes of Woodruff and Orangeburg-Wilkinson in the passing tournament on Tuesday at USC Upstate. The FCA camp will finish up with a morning session beginning at 9 a.m. today.
Warriors coach Chad Turner said the camp is important for his team on both sides of the ball.
“It’s important for us because we are a smashmouth offense but getting to see what 90 percent of other offenses in the Upstate run,” he said. “We run a West Coast passing scheme where we utilize a lot of running backs. What’s great for (our quarterbacks) is they are going up against very fast athletes all over the field, and they are having to make quick reads and quick decisions.”
The Warriors have a pair of sophomores, Adam Patrick and Seth Mason, in a battle for the starting quarterback position. Both feel their confidence level has increased throughout the camp.
“I just want to make sure I make the right reads,” Mason said. “There were a little jitters on the first play (on Monday), but then it got better.”
“We’re a second-year program, and last year we didn’t pass too much,” Patrick said. “The passing stuff was a little different at first. We’ve never done a 7 on 7 until now. We’re just coming in here to have fun and try our best and see what we can do.”
Turner feels the lessons learned during the three-day camp will translate to the beginning of the regular season. SCA will play at the South Carolina Independent School Association 2A level.
“We’re trying to teach them when you go 11 on 11 in any given game that anything can happen,” he said. “If we’re going up against speed, we’ve got to be physical and instinctive. We’re trying to teach them to be competitive on every play.”
Junior outside linebacker Derrick Hackle feels the Warriors are already beginning to earn respect amongst the other schools participating.
“We’re coming into this season with a goal to be heard from by other schools,” he said. “We’re hearing other coaches say that they are seeing something different about our team. It makes us feel like we’re gaining success.”
The Warriors admit much is yet to be learned. However, they feel progress is being made.
“The difference we saw today in our eight games was unbelievable,” Turner said. “We saw routes get sharper and timing get faster. Each game, regardless of who was on the other side, the kids gave 200 percent. I’ve been very, very pleased with how they are responding.”