5th and 6th grade Science Fair Winners

The following students won the science fair in the 5th and 6th grade division.  These students' science fair projects moved on to compete with the Middle School students.

1st:  Will Mathis
2nd:  Parker Lewis
3rd:  Reagan Willis

1st:  Kyle Volk
2nd:  Brooke Murray
3rd:  Ben Murray

Behavioral Science:
1st:  Robert Bailey
2nd:  Sarah Boler
3rd:  EA Shehan

1st:  Peyton Thompson
2nd:  Seth Baugh
3rd:  Justin Bolling

1st:  Madi Burke
2nd:  Allie Varn
3rd:  Jon Foster Richey

General Science:
1st:  Jarred Bradley
2nd:  Courtney Trammell
3rd:  Alex Howell