SCA Students at Charleston Bridge Run

A group of SCA students and their parents made their way to Charleston, SC for the annual "Bridge Run" across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, which is the largest cable-stayed bridge in America.  The 10K run is known as 6.2 miles of fun with some 34,000+ runners each year.  Along the route there are live bands, water stations, Dunkin Donuts and thousands of encouragers who cheer for everyone.  This group completed the run as a group and crossed the Finish Line in 54 minutes and some change. As you can tell, they aren't wearing the normal running attire.  The group opted to dress as super-heroes to add to their experience which, for most, was their first time on the bridge. This is a great goal for anyone wanting to start running.  You can find simple running plans at (there's even an app for your phone.)


Pictured (L to R): Kristen Hammack (9th), Logan Morris (7th), Madison Seay (8th), Matt Howell (11th), Ben Christopher (8th), and Taylor Morris (9th).