Transitioning from RIGGS

SCA has incorporated the Writing Road to Reading (RIGGS) program into our language arts curriculum since its inception.  It has been an excellent phonics-based approach to language arts and has served our program well over the past years.  We continually review and examine new materials currently on the market in an effort to maintain our reputation for excellence in academics.  As a result of this planning, SCA has begun the process of transitioning from RIGGS to a more traditional, phonics-based reading program for 5K-2nd grades.  Our teachers will continue to incorporate the most valuable components of the RIGGS program into our language arts curriculum as we move forward with new materials and technology.  This transition will be beneficial to the overall language education of our students and will be a more user friendly component to our curriculum. In addition to language arts, our basic elementary curriculum includes Bible, math, science and social studies.