Science Fair Winners

3rd - Where’s the Vitamin C? ETHAN HARDIN
2nd – Does Water Temp Affect Crystal Growth? MIKAELA WATT
1st – Will Polyester Be The Best? LOGAN MORRIS

3rd – What Can Make Steel the Toughest?  ADAM COPELAND
2nd – What Is The Best Shock Absorber For An Egg? JONATHAN GAMINDE
1st – Does Shape Affect the Travel Distance of Styrofoam Vehicles? JOHN DOVER

3rd – Are the M&M’s % Accurate? BEN MURRAY
2nd – What’s Poppin’? THOMAS MATHIS
1st – How Does Air Pressure Affect A Soccer Ball? PEYTON THOMPSON

3rd – Who Has the Cooties? CAITLIN BAILEY
2nd – In Which Solution Will the Flowers Stay Fresh the Longest? RACHEL STEELE
1st – How Gross Is the TV Remote? ETHAN HOOPER

General Science:
3rd – Can You Hear Me Now? SHELBY WRIGHT
2nd – Which Insulation Will Slow Down Heat Transfer the Best? JACOB CLARDY
1st – Does the Type of Pan Affect the Turnout of Cookies? MEGAN REEVES

Behavioral Science:
3rd – Does Music Affect Heart Rate? LOGAN SCHUFF
2nd – Can Your Brain Take the Strain? KATELYN ARLEDGE
1st – Say, Say, What Does This Say? MADISON SEAY