Spelling Bee Winners Representing SCA at the ACSI Regional Spelling Bee

2011 SPELLING BEE WINNERS: All of these students will be representing SCA at the ACSI regional spelling bee on February 17th at Blue Ridge Christian Academy. 


OVERALL WINNER – 7th grader RACHEL STEELE (2nd place – Taylor Bradford)


1st grade winner - Kendyl Rogers
2nd place - Anna Luke
3rd place - Sydney Lanford
4th place - Mallory Arp


2nd grade winner - Caroline McGill
2nd place - Eliissa Lankford
3rd place - Zoe Baugh
4th place - Chaz Potts


3rd grade winner - Jase Peeler
2nd place - Emma Luke
3rd place - Dru Guy
4th place - Cole Clardy


4th grade winner: Kyle Volk
2nd place - Justin Bolling
3rd place - Ansley Frady
4th place -Caleb Friend


5th grade winner – Parker Lewis

2nd place – Bubba McCurry

3rd place – Mackenzie Elmore

4th place – Robert Brantley


6th grade winner – Julia Baugh

2nd place – Samuel Kimbrell

3rd place – Sabrina Bellew

4th place – Julia Hess


7th grade winner – Rachel Steele

2nd place – Caitlin Bailey

3rd place – Marisa Cook

4th place – Emily Trammell


8th grade winner – Taylor Bradford

2nd place – Jeremy Moore

3rd place – Samuel Phillips

4th place- Jacob Clardy