SCA Hosts Special Olympics

The blue SCA Volunteer t-shirt worn by the juniors and seniors made for a great WARRIOR BLUE tunnel as they cheered and  welcomed the Area 12 Special Olympic Athletes from Spartanburg, Union and Cherokee counties for the annual Basketball Skills events held today in the First North Gymnasium.  The day’s activities began with the Olympic motto recited by the athletes, “Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt”    The athletes filled the gym with excitement, self control, discipline and gratitude.   The juniors and  seniors filled the gym with a servant’s heart, high five’s and lots of “good job”, “Way to go”.    As our Headmaster prayed this morning, so we prayed as a group of WARRIOR servants from SCA.  “Father, thank you for opening doors of service and ministry today.  Thank you for the spiritual gifts you have blessed me with, Use me I pray”  It was a great day in the life of SCA to be a part of service and ministry.  Spartanburg Christian Academy is truly a place where young people are exhibiting a heart for Christ.