Papa John's Dollars for Dough

Event Date: 
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 3:00pm
Location:Traci Arledge
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SCAAA Fundraiser WEDNESDAY, September 25

It is time for the September Papa John’s Dollars for Dough Athletic Association Fundraiser!    Order from Papa John’s by phone, online, from your mobile device, or in person and keep your receipts to turn in to the school.  Receipts will be collected at school, turned in to a local Papa John’s and they, in turn, send the school a 15% net (pre-tax) donation check from each receipt of Papa John’s products.  The receipts must be from SCA’s specified fundraiser dates.  You may turn in the receipt that is attached to the front of the Papa John’s box or the cash register receipt that shows the dollar amount spent.  The receipt can be from any time during the two-day event, and can be from any Papa John’s in Spartanburg County.  You may also ask friends and family to collect receipts for you from church or school events, business meetings, or family dinners.  See the attached flier for more information and coupons!

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