General Information

SCA students are eligible to earn awards and recognition during the year for their achievement in various areas. Among the awards offered are highest academic averages in each graded subject, perfect attendance, Bible memory, citizenship, excellence in elective areas, and athletics.
A 4th-6th grade student, a middle school student, and a high school student will be selected each year by the faculty to receive the SCA Warrior of the Year award. Winners of this award will be given an engraved plaque to commemorate this honor. The following criteria are used to determine each year’s winners:

  • Peer interaction – Matthew 7:12 (The Golden Rule)
  • Respect for authority – I Thessalonians 5:12-13; I Peter 2:17
  • General attitude – Philippians 2:5
  • Academic diligence (not necessarily achievement) – Colossians 3:17
  • Gentle and humble spirit – Matthew 11:29
  • Appreciative and joyful spirit – I Thessalonians 5:16-18
  • Genuine and evident desire to follow Christ – Matthew 22:37-40
Cell phones and electronic equipment cannot be visible, turned on, or used during the school day, in the school building or during afterschool study hall/extended care. The school day is defined as 7:00 a.m. until 3:15 p.m. The following are consequences for cell phone and electronic equipment infractions:
  • 1st offense-cell phone/electronic equipment held until the end of the day by principal and parent will need to pick up
  • 2nd offense- cell phone/electronic equipment held until the end of the day by principal and parent will need to pick up; two days of detention will be issued
  • 3rd offense- cell phone/electronic equipment held until the end of the day by principal and parent will need to pick up; one day of in-school suspension
  • 4th offense-three days of out-of-school suspension and parent conference
The cemetery behind the school and near the playground is a place very dear and precious to the loved ones of those buried there. It is important that we show respect when we are near these graves. The example we set will speak well for our school. 
  • Students should not intentionally walk across graves or litter the cemetery. The tombstones are memorials to loved ones. 
  • Students should not sit on tombstones or treat them disrespectfully. 
  • Students should not remove items from the graves, such as flowers, rocks, etc.
  • When near the cemetery, be quiet and respectful.
In addition to daily Bible classes in all grades, weekly worship assemblies are conducted for separate age groups within the school. Since chapel days are generally on Thursdays, they are designated dress uniform days, regardless of whether chapel is being held.
The purpose of chapel is to provide assemblies that allow the leadership to conduct meaningful programs of a spiritual nature as well as “family session” information. The programs are varied and include: music, Bible teaching, student-led programs, missionary speakers, films, and videos. Parents are always welcome to attend.
Students and parents are required to sign a Computer Use Contract before the student is permitted to use SCA computers. This contract is required for all students K5 through high school, even if the student is not currently enrolled in a computer class. Students are not permitted to use computers without the consent and monitoring of teachers. Unauthorized use by students will result in disciplinary action. Students are not allowed to have/use laptops at school.
Field Trips
Parental permission for field trip participation is implied upon enrolling the student at SCA. Field trips are provided as an integral part of the curriculum.
Coordination of field trips is the responsibility of the teacher. Parents will be notified in advance of field trips. Because the visited facilities are often restricted to a specific number of participants, the number of parents allowed to accompany field trips may also be limited. Parents may ride the bus if space is available. When space is not available, parents may choose to travel in their own vehicle at their own expense and liability. Field trips are taken for curriculum enrichment. Siblings of students may not accompany parents on field trips. Field trips are not intended to be family excursions, but class enrichment activities. Siblings often interfere and detract from chaperone duties a parent may be asked to perform. Parental attire on field trips should be modest and reflect a positive example for students.

Parents attending overnight trips will be required to have a background check completed by the school.  The cost of the background check will be the parent’s responsibility.
Students must remain with the class or group for the entire trip. Students will not be allowed to ride in vehicles with parents unless advance notification and arrangements are made due to transportation constraints. At times, there may be a cost to the students and parents for the field trip.
Every effort is made to make field trips safe and secure as well as enriching. Teachers will plan, supervise and be in charge of all trips. The school discipline policy as outlined in the Discipline Section will be enforced on all trips. Parent volunteers may serve as chaperones, especially on overnight trips. The chaperones will be informed of their responsibilities and expectations while on a trip. Student security and safety is the first priority. In case of an emergency, the staff member in charge of the trip will be responsible for requesting emergency assistance and notification of the parents and school. All discipline problems or medical issues will be brought to the attention of the staff member in charge and handled according to school policy. Conduct of chaperones and staff should reflect positive Christian values at all times.
FundRaising for sca
SCA prayerfully and carefully uses money received through tuition and fees to provide students with the best educational opportunities possible. There is never enough to do everything we would like to do. Financially, there are three significant ways, over and above the tuition and fees parents pay, that parents can help SCA meet and exceed its goals.
The contributions of friends and benefactors of SCA have provided media center books, computers and computer software, student lockers, athletic equipment, and student tuition assistance, all of which make our experience at SCA more enjoyable and meaningful. Most would not have been possible from our regular school revenues. Consider the impact your contributions could make toward the quality Christian education provided by SCA. Any amount is appreciated and is fully tax deductible.
Fundraising Projects
The following projects are continuously underway at SCA and have been very helpful in providing much needed school supplies and equipment for our school:
      General Mills Box Tops for Education - Cut the box tops from General Mills products and bring them to your teacher or the Receptionist. These box tops earn cash for our school. 
      Ingles – Ingles will contribute a portion of your grocery purchase price to SCA, at no cost to you. The Ingles Tool for Schools Card application may be obtained from the school office. An application must be completed only once to obtain your card, but each year your card must be linked to SCA through the website. You may renew your info each year yourself or fill out a grocer card form and turn it in to the school office where the info will be entered for you. Be sure to present your Ingles Advantage card to the cashier before scanning your groceries to receive credit for SCA. 
      My Coke Rewards – Send in bottle caps and codes found on Coke product packages to help the school earn needed supplies. Visit to view a list of participating products.
Publix - A Publix Partner card may be obtained from the school office and used each time you purchase groceries. Publix will contribute a portion of your purchase price to SCA at no cost to you.
      Tyson Labels – Cut the labels from Tyson products and bring them to your teacher or the Receptionist. These labels earn cash for our school. 
Fundraising Events
Special fundraising events are planned at SCA each year. These events, which have included golf tournaments, auctions, banquets, etc., raise funds for big dollar needs such as buses for transportation, land purchases, computer labs, media labs, science labs, etc. Check out the Events tab on the website for details and make plans to participate. 
Elementary, Intermediate - Students are not to chew gum on the SCA campus during school hours. Lunch is to be eaten in the cafeteria. No open drinks are to be taken into the classroom or hallways except for class meetings/parties. Students may have a water bottle with a cap that seals in the classroom.
Students may bring a snack to school to be eaten between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. at the teacher’s discretion in the classroom. Snacks should be brought to class, not eaten at the locker, in the hallway, or outside. For all students except preschool students, a snack is defined as fruit, nuts, raisins, crackers, breakfast bars, etc., and cannot be anything that requires a spoon or fork.
Middle and High School – Lunch is to be eaten in the cafeteria. No open drinks may be taken into the classroom or hallways except for class meetings/parties. Students may have bottled water.

The gym is used by various scheduled school groups throughout the day. In addition, the athletic department uses the gym after school for their regular activities. 
Unsupervised students may not be in the gym at any time. 
When participating in athletic events, physical education classes, or general playtime, athletic-type shoes with non-marking soles must be worn. When passing through the gym for reasons other than a structured, supervised activity, those wearing street shoes must walk around the outside of the marked basketball court.
Hall telephones are not for student use. Students may use the telephone in the office area with permission from the school office. Excessive use will not be permitted.
Any student in the hall during a class period must have a hall pass issued by a teacher. Passes enable faculty to make certain students are in the correct place and insure accountability by classroom teachers. Middle and high school students in the hall after 3:30 p.m. will be sent to after school study hall. Repeated offenses will be considered an intermediate infraction.
The SCA library is an active place in which to read and study in a pleasant, welcoming environment. Its use is a privilege afforded every SCA student. 
Each elementary class is scheduled to visit once a week. Intermediate, middle, and high school students may be issued a pass to use the media center anytime. Middle and high school classes may schedule times to work on projects.
  • Library hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for students each school day.
  • Food or drink is not allowed in the library.
  • Computers are available for school-related assignments only. Computer games and emailing are prohibited.
  • Loud talking, horseplay, or any other behavior disruptive to the studies of others is prohibited.
  • Trash and personal belongings must be removed prior to leaving the library.
  • Instructions of the librarian and library assistants must be followed promptly and courteously.
  • Students may check out two books for two weeks. Although no fines will be assessed for overdue books, a student with an overdue book may not check out additional books. 
  •  Failure to comply with library rules could result in loss of library privileges.
To encourage reading and to raise funds, the library sponsors one or two book fairs each year. 
Each student in 5th-12th grades is assigned locker space as available.
  • Lockers are to be kept clean and are subject to periodic inspection. Decorations may not be placed on the exterior of the lockers. Interiors may be decorated with appropriate materials or pictures that are easily removed. 
  • Locker combinations should not be shared with other students. No student may open another student’s locker.
  • A fee will be assessed for damaged lockers. 
  • Lockers may be inspected and searched at any time by the administration.
  • The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged goods belonging to students.
Assignment of a locker is a privilege and not a right. Abuse of this privilege could result in loss of the privilege.

All lost and found items will be sent to the FBNS lost and found center. Labeling uniform items, lunch boxes, jackets, etc. assists greatly in recovering lost items.

Ordering Lunches
Lunches are prepared by the FBNS kitchen staff and served in the FBNS fellowship hall at a cost of $3.50 for students. Extra milks may be purchased for $0.50. A monthly menu will be provided on the SCA website. Parents should inform students daily if they are to eat school lunch. Students will sign up for lunch each day in homeroom and parents will be billed monthly for all lunch charges.
  • Students are not allowed to take food or drink from the cafeteria.
  • Parents are welcome to join their student for lunch on special occasions. Parents may bring their lunch or make reservations to eat school lunch. A reservation for a parent is necessary to insure food and seating and must be made one day in advance. Cost for adult lunch is $3.75. Parents must check in at the school office for a visitor’s badge and fill out a Lunch Reservation form before going to the lunch area. Due to limited space in the lunchroom and to insure all parents the opportunity to eat with their student, parents should come on a limited basis.
  • Microwave and refrigeration services are not available.
  • Middle and high school may have soft drinks on pizza day.
Lunchroom Guidelines
  • K-2 students have a “10-minute quiet rule” at the beginning of their lunch period. This is to assist the students in eating their lunch.
  • All lunches are to be eaten in the lunchroom unless the teacher has arranged for a special outing.
  • Courtesy and good table manners should be evidenced at all times.
  • Each student is responsible for seeing that trash on and under tables, dishes, and chairs are put in the proper place at the end of the lunch period.
Parent Involvement
We encourage parents to participate in school and classroom activities as long as it does not distract students from learning. The classroom teacher will always be in charge and will make final decisions and schedules in all matters. For security purposes, parents must check in at the school office when entering the school. Parents must follow school rules concerning drop-off, pick-up, visiting classrooms, and appropriate dress while visiting the school or attending field trips or school sponsored events.
Because of the very nature of a Christian school, a high degree of parent-teacher cooperation is anticipated. To provide a means of facilitating cooperation, the Parent-Teacher Fellowship has been developed, and each teacher and parent are members of the PTF.
On occasion, teachers will have classroom parties for various events and holidays. Class parties promoted by parents must be cleared through the teacher. Parties would include providing refreshments for the class and possibly a few games. It is better to keep festivities simple and to a minimum. 
Because of the joy of celebrating holidays from a Christian perspective, SCA will not recognize Halloween (including use of jack-o-lanterns, bats, witches, black cats, etc.) in parties, party favors, snacks, napkins, or in the classroom on handouts, bulletin boards, etc.
Birthdays may be celebrated by sending cupcakes or cookies for the whole class to be eaten as part of lunch, or at snack time in preschool. Individual birthday parties for students may not be accommodated at school.
Invitations for private parties may not be distributed at school unless all students in the class are invited to the event. Invitations may not be distributed to students in other classes unless all the students in that class have been invited as well. If the party cannot accommodate all students, invitations should be mailed or distributed off campus. Privacy dictates that SCA may not be responsible for providing mailing addresses.
The school reception area is open on school days from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. The financial office is open at various times throughout the school week. Payments may be dropped off at any time. If a matter of importance needs to be addressed, please contact the Financial Secretary for an appointment.
  • The school day can not be continually interrupted with deliveries or messages for students. All messages and items will be delivered at the end of the day, unless they are of an emergency nature. 
  • Students must be responsible for coming to school prepared with necessary materials and instructions for afternoon pick-up.
  • Due to the number of students at SCA, we can no longer accept deliveries such as balloons, flowers, gifts, etc. for students.
  • Pick-up arrangements for students must be communicated to the teacher by a note sent from home. If arrangements are made after a student is at school, the school office must be notified of changes before noon when possible. Please do not make a habit of calling in last minute pick-up arrangements. Classes are not always in their classroom at the end of the day and teachers may not receive the message in time to re-route your student.
    The school office may not be used as a storage area for sports equipment, overnight bags, personal items, etc. Please make other arrangements for weekend luggage, sleepovers, etc.
  • For security purposes, all school visitors must check in at the Receptionist’s desk and have a visitor badge to be allowed on school hallways before school and during school hours. Visitors without badges will be asked to go to the Receptionist’s desk for a badge.
Solicitation is prohibited at SCA without the permission of the administration. This policy includes the selling of tickets, candy, etc., the distribution of political or religious materials, the circulation of petitions, and the distribution of flyers for events or programs not sponsored or officially supported by SCA.
Student Records
The school maintains a complete record, including a cumulative academic and guidance record, for each student. 
No report card or student records will be released to parents or to another school if the family is delinquent in tuition payments or has a debt of any kind with the school.
Parents or guardians have the right to inspect and review all official records, files, and data directly related to their child’s academic progress, including all material that is incorporated into their student’s cumulative record folder.
Parental requests to inspect and review official records relating to a child may be made in writing to the administration. Requests will be honored within three (3) school days following receipt of the request. All records must be reviewed or inspected in the presence of the guidance counselor or a member of administration.
Parents may have a hearing with the administration to challenge the content of their student’s school records if they feel the records are inaccurate, or otherwise in violation of the privacy or other rights of the student. Any inaccurate information will be corrected.
Parents desiring a copy of student records must give a written request for records to the school Administrative Assistant. If accounts are current, the request will be honored within three (3) school days following receipt of the request.
There will be no release of a student’s personal records, files, or any data in those records, to any individual, agency, or organization other than the following:
  • Staff members of the school who have legitimate educational interest.
  • Court or law enforcement officials, if the school is given a subpoena or court order.
  • Certain federal, state, or local authorities performing functions allowed by law.
  • Officials of other schools in which the student intends to enroll. In all such cases, the parents or guardians should notify SCA of withdrawal before records are released. No records shall be transferred to another school without the initiation of such by the parent.
The volunteer program at SCA is designed to support and enrich the students, teachers, and staff. The quality of a student’s education depends not only on the teachers, but also on the parents. SCA encourages all parents to volunteer their time and God-given talents.
  • Volunteers must sign in at the Receptionist’s desk and pick up a badge which must be worn at all times while serving as a volunteer.
  • Volunteers are asked to dress in a manner respectful of the guidelines set forth for students.
  • Volunteers participating in class parties, events, special projects, field trips or any volunteer activity should not bring younger siblings to the activity. 
Parents are important to SCA and your involvement insures our school will be the best it can be. Below are several areas in which parents may be involved:
Classroom Parent – Assist teacher with planning and set-up of parties and special events. Contact other parents to let them know how they may assist with these events. 
Drop-Off Volunteer – Assist with morning drop-off (7:30 – 8:00 a.m.). 
Fundraising – Help promote and assist with fund raising projects. 
Grade Level Coordinator – Coordinate volunteer efforts with classroom teachers for the specified grade.
Library – Assist librarian with general duties. 
One-time Events – Assist with events such as picture day, achievement testing, field day, etc.
Pick-Up Volunteer—Assist with afternoon pick-up (2:30-3:30 p.m.).
Teacher Appreciation Day – Assist in planning a day to honor teachers.
Tutoring – Work with students in various academic subjects. Volunteers will be called as the demand arises.