First North Church Member Discount: A 10% discount is given to financially supporting and regularly attending members of First Baptist North Spartanburg. Any change in status from these stated qualifications for the member rate will necessitate a recalculation of tuition fees at the point of change. It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the school if and when a change occurs.
Family Discount: For a family with more than one child enrolled, a 5% discount for each additional child will be given on the combined tuition rate. If a family is granted financial aid, the percentage granted will apply if it is more than the Family Discount. The two discounts are not cumulative.
Financial Assitance
Applications for financial aid will be available in the school office in February. Please follow instructions included in the Financial Aid Packet. Financial aid is not available for students in K3 or K4. Applications are due by April 30. An independent organization will provide a preliminary evaluation of aid qualification which will assist SCA in disbursing aid. It will not be given on a first come first serve basis. Due to the limited reimbursement of the scholarship fund, this program has stringent limitations.
Lunch Program
Lunches are $3.50 per day, which includes a beverage. Beverages may also be purchased separately at a cost of $.50 each. All lunch charges will be billed to the parents’ account at the end of each month.  Menus are available on the school website. Students sign up for lunch at school on a daily basis.
Non-Tuition Expenses
SCA offers opportunities for extra-curricular activities not covered by tuition. Included in this category are competition fees, expenses for athletics, academic teams, band, art, chorus, selected field trips, banquets, and other elective activities. Costs for these activities will be stated in advance, to allow parents and students the opportunity to decide on participation.
Students will be charged for lost or damaged books. Middle and high school students are responsible for covering hard back books.
There may be additional costs for class projects assigned throughout the year, but every effort is made to keep these costs at a minimum. It is not possible to predict an exact amount and much of this will depend on individual choices made by students and parents. Examples of projects requiring extra cost would be a leaf collection, insect collection, science fair projects, posters, materials for book reports, etc. 
Payment Procedure
 Statements are emailed by the 5th of each month. The statement will show the previous month’s activity, the current month’s tuition, extended care and all charges incurred the previous month and is due by the 20th of each month. Billed items include tuition, book & activity fee, elective fees, sports fees and lunch. SCA memorabilia items, uniform t-shirts and PE uniforms must be paid for when purchased and are not billed to the account.
Payment options include:
  • Cash (may be mailed in, placed in the drop box in the reception area, or given to the financial secretary)
  • Check (may be mailed in, placed in the drop box in the reception area, or given to the financial secretary)
  • Debit Card (online option only)
  • Credit Card (online option only)
  • E-Check (online option only)
Late Payments:
  • Accounts not paid in full before the late date (25th of each month) are assessed a late fee equal to 1.5% of the unpaid balance.
  • Accounts 60 days delinquent, are assessed another 1.5% late fee.
  • Any account that becomes 30 days past due will be restricted from charging other fees such as athletic charges, lunch charges, etc.
Accounts must be current (no outstanding charges beyond 30 days) at the following check-points during the year:
  • Re-enrollment – account must be current before application and fee(s) are accepted to hold student’s place(s) for the following year.
  • Beginning of school – account must be paid through July before student(s) may attend school.
  • Upon the releasing of report cards at the ending of each nine week period.
  • Second semester-account must be paid through December before student(s) may return to school after Christmas break.
  • Withdrawal – no transcripts or grades (official or unofficial) will be released until account is paid in full. The new school will be notified if a student has a failing status.
  • Kindergarten Graduation – no student will be allowed to participate in the ceremony unless the account is current.
  • Seniors will not receive a diploma or be able to participate in the ceremony unless the account is current.
  • Year-end (by May 20th) – account must be current for final report cards to be mailed home.
  • All major trips (5th grade Barrier Island, 8th grade Washington DC, senior trip, and summer athletic camps) must be paid in full before departure.
A Tuition and Fees Schedule is published separately and is a detailed list of all charges assessed by SCA.
Tuition payments plans:
  • Annual Plan – Prepayment of all tuition by June 20, 3% discount
  • Semi-Annual Plan – Prepayment of one-half of tuition by June 20 and the remaining half by December 20, 1.5% discount
  • Monthly Plan – Amount varies depending on month of enrollment. Discount applies ONLY if payment is received by specified due date.
Student Insurance
All students are covered under a blanket accident policy with the Maksin Group during school hours and activities. This policy is a secondary coverage which will back up your primary carrier. Should a situation arise without a primary coverage, the Maksin Group becomes the primary. This policy is funded by the registration fee, though there is a $500 deductible that is the responsibility of the parent. All accidents must be reported to the school office immediately and claims submitted within six weeks from the date of release from the physician. Call the school nurse for claims information. The policy covers medical expenses resulting from injuries sustained at school or school sponsored functions only.
Enrollment is a commitment for the entire year. 
  • Parents who wish to withdraw their student from school must notify the Headmaster in order to initiate withdrawal procedures. 
  • All outstanding bills are to be paid and all textbooks and SCA materials returned before school records, grades, or transcripts will be released to any school or institution.
  • Parent-choice withdrawal is defined as withdrawal for any reason other than 1) parental job change or transfer to another location more than 30 miles from the campus, or 2) termination of enrollment by administration (expelled, etc.). Penalties for parent-choice withdrawal are listed below.
  •        Withdrawal prior to beginning of school year before June 15, the parent is obligated to pay the Book and Activity fee billed through the date of withdrawal.
  •         Withdrawal prior to beginning of school year after June 15, a $400 withdrawal fee is assessed and parent is obligated to pay the Book and Activity fee and all tuition fees billed through the date of withdrawal.  
  •         Withdrawal during the school year constitutes a $400 withdrawal fee in addition to payment for number of days enrolled.