Extra Curricular Activities


Extracurricular activities offer students an opportunity to develop skills in their own particular areas of interest. Students and parents must be willing to expend extra time and effort if these programs are to be successful.
All athletes are expected to represent our school in a Christ-like manner. A fee is charged for each sport in which a student chooses to participate. This fee is used to cover some of the expenses of the athletic program. If there is sufficient interest, students in grades 6-12 may participate in the following sports:
Baseball (boys)
Basketball (boys and girls)
Bowling (boys and girls)
Cheerleading, Basketball and Competitive (boys and girls)
Cross Country (boys and girls)
Golf (boys and girls)
Soccer (boys and girls)
Softball (girls)
Tennis (boys and girls)
Track (boys and girls)
Volleyball (girls)
Other sports, dependent upon student interest and conference availability
Rules, regulations, and procedures are covered in the Student Athlete Handbook. All students and their parents who are interested in the athletic program should be familiar with this handbook.
Practice sessions for the various teams will be set by the coaches, and will be final. Students are expected to be at all practices, unless excused by the coach. All athletes must have a physical examination before practices begin in order to participate.
Eligibility applies to music, drama, or any other activity where students represent the school publicly. A student’s eligibility will be determined at the end of each interim. A student will automatically become ineligible to participate, if placed on academic probation or while serving school suspension. For a student to participate in any school activity (fine arts, etc.) on any particular day, they must be in attendance on that day and remain in school the entire day.
See Student Athlete Handbook for athletic eligibility requirements.
Extra-curricular clubs and activities sponsored by SCA must have all fundraising projects for their activity approved by the Headmaster. This will involve a written request outlining the nature of the project, including what the project involves, the purpose any generated funds will have, how the money will be secured, spent, and accounted for, beginning and ending dates, and the names of the faculty sponsor(s) and student project managers. Any fund raising project being considered by an SCA club or activity must not require long range commitments by clients. This ensures that events do not overlap and become a monetary burden.
Currently, the following clubs/activities provide opportunities for student involvement:
Beta Club
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Junior Beta Club
Jump Rope
Lego League
Yearbook Staff
Intermediate Drama Club
Student Leadership Institute
Other clubs/activities such as Art Club, etc. will be formed as students show interest in various areas.
Student Government
High school student government officers are elected by the high school student body at the end of each school year. High school and middle school homerooms will also elect a homeroom representative at the beginning of the year. The officers and homeroom representatives will represent SCA as the student leadership during special events and activities at SCA. They will represent their classes before Administration with questions and suggestions to improve SCA. They will also plan class social events. Specific requirements for each office are listed below:
President (rising Senior)
Vice President (rising Junior or Senior)
Treasurer (rising Sophomore or Junior)
Secretary (rising Sophomore)
Qualifications to run for office
Candidates running for the offices of president or vice president must have previous experience as a student council officer or class representative.