Good behavior arises from good character.  Assisting parents in the development of godly character in their children is one of SCA’s primary goals.  This is done by focusing on good behavior and commending it, not by dwelling on poor behavior.

    SCA is blessed with students and families who respect the rules and honor their obligations and responsibilities.  We do not expect any significant misbehavior during the year.  However, we are prepared for any incident which might prove disruptive or threaten good order and the safety of our students.  The SCA faculty and staff have established a discipline policy, which is applicable to all students.  Unacceptable behavior will be classified as minor, intermediate, or major with consequences as stated below.  
All new students entering middle and high school will be placed on a probationary status for the first semester.  However, this will not affect their involvement in activities and leadership positions.
Important Note:  All suspensions become part of a student’s permanent record.

SCA expects a higher standard of conduct from its students than the minimum required to avoid disciplinary consequences.  Honesty and integrity are virtues that need to be pursued by all Christian students.  Each student’s record is to reflect his/her own individual effort.  Students should not give or receive assistance on tests or assignments, unless the teacher has specifically granted permission.


Examples of Cheating

Consequences for Cheating

Kindergarten – 2nd Grades

3rd – 12th Grades

Violation - Conduct which interferes with the orderly operation of the classroom or school activity.  (littering, excessive noise, inappropriate lunchroom behavior, minor class disruptions, dress code violation, excessive tardies to class, etc.)

Consequences—Individual teacher will handle these using classroom management techniques and a teacher-made consequence schedule.  Excessive violations will be treated as an intermediate violation.

Violation—Conduct which is directed against other persons or property, or which is essentially disruptive or dishonest.  (Cheating, disrespect, defiance or insubordination, theft, defacing school or church property, damaging or inappropriate computer usage, possession of inappropriate media, profanity, etc.)

Consequences—Depending on the severity:  Warning/Written Notification, Parent Conference, Detention, In-school  Suspension (1-5 Days), Out-of-School Suspension (1-5 Days)

Violation—Serious misconduct directed against other persons or property, or which is grossly defiant of school policy and authority.  (Fighting, false fire alarm, vandalism, sexual immorality, obscene or vulgar language or gestures, possession of fire arms or other concealed weapon, sexual harassment, possession of pornographic material, possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs, charged with a crime on or off campus, etc.)

SCA has a “no tolerance policy” for behaviors in this category.  Law enforcement authorities will be notified for certain violations.  The consequences listed are not necessarily sequential. Expulsion could be immediate if safety or school reputation is compromised.

Consequences—Parent Conference and, depending on severity:  In-school-suspension (1-5 Days), Out-of-School Suspension (1-5 Days), Expulsion

Repeated instances of negative behavior will be considered insubordination and will be characterized as a major offense.

Warning/Written Notification
Warnings may be verbally given to the student with no further action (other than obedience) required.  Written warnings require a parent signature to verify that parents are aware of the violation.

Parent Conference
When a parent conference is required, one or both parents are expected to be present.  Failure to comply with this requirement could result in suspension of the student until the conference is held.

Procedure for serving a 45 minute detention:
1.    Report to the detention room at 3:15 pm.  
2.    Students who arrive after 3:15 pm must serve an additional day of detention.
3.    No talking is allowed during detention, except to the supervisor.
4.    Students will be assigned work during detention.  
5.    The parents’ account will be assessed a $10.00 fee for the detention.

In-School Suspension
Fifth through twelfth grade students assigned to in-school suspension will report to the designated suspension room at 8:00 a.m. each day with all books and materials needed for the day.  Teachers will have prepared work for the student to complete during the day.  Additionally, a writing assignment relating to the offense will also be completed.  Students assigned to in-school suspension will remain in the suspension room for the entire day, including lunch.  If school lunch has been ordered, it will be brought to the student. Activities such as music, art, PE, and computer will not be attended while assigned in-school suspension.  The school will hire a substitute to supervise the student at a cost of $65 per day. The cost will be billed to the parents’ account.

Students are not eligible to attend or participate in athletic practices or events on the day assigned to ISS.

Out of School Suspension and Expulsion
Attendance at Spartanburg Christian Academy is a privilege with certain responsibilities. One responsibility is to maintain a consistent standard of behavior which will reflect the student’s commitment to Christ and respect for Christian education.
Types of behavior, including (but not limited to) defacing school or personal property or leaving school without permission, may also be grounds for suspension or expulsion. Sexual, racial, or personal harassment or intimidation by students will not be tolerated. Such actions will be the basis for disciplinary actions up to and including dismissal from school. Some discipline issues may be referred to the Headmaster.

If a student chooses to violate school standards and is suspended, the following consequences will occur:
1.    The student may be required to serve the suspension at school.
2.    The student shall not attend any school sponsored extra-curricular event on day(s) suspended.
3.    The student may be required to do some in-school research and/or work related to the violation.
4.    All academic work must be made up within the normal framework of time, as outlined in “Make-up Work for Absences.”
5.    Athletes who are suspended will not be allowed to participate in the next scheduled game.  They may not serve as captain or co-captain for the remaining part of the season and for the next sport in which they participate. Those who receive a second suspension any time during the school year will be immediately dropped from the team for the remainder of the season and will not be awarded a letter or certificate and will not be allowed to participate the following year. Students suspended between seasons may lose the privilege of participating in the first game(s) of the next season or next sport. Upon certain circumstances, the student may be permitted to go before the student body or a group of peers to ask forgiveness for the wrong committed.
6.    Students assigned to out-of-school suspension will undergo administrative review to determine continued involvement in sports, student government, and leadership positions at SCA.

Our desire should always be to obey Scriptures (“So then, whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do all to the glory of God.” Col. 3:23). In the best interest of the entire school community, so that we might all live happily together and function as smoothly as possible, certain guidelines of conduct must be maintained by all students of SCA, both on and off campus.  The following minimal personal virtues are required of all students and serve as the honor code regulating community life at SCA.
Respect for and courtesy towards the person and property of others
Punctuality in attendance and work
Respect for and obedience to those in authority
Diligence in effort and attention

In addition, the following are expectations that need to be specifically addressed and infractions may result in major violations:

Abstain from the use or possession of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products, drugs and other illegal/undesirable practices which are generally recognized to be harmful to health and Christian character.  
Any student who violates these requirements while on or off campus, during the school day, while on a school sponsored trip, or while attending a school sponsored function will be subject to suspension or expulsion.  

Abstain from profanity and vulgar or abusive speech or actions.  Such speaking and acting is harmful to others and certainly not appropriate nor conducive to one’s own moral and spiritual development.  Any student using profane, vulgar language, obscene gestures, or who is physically or emotionally abusive and threatening or bringing harm to the person or property of another member of the school community will be subject to administrative discipline.

Students are to respect the property of other students.  No student should enter another student’s desk, backpack, lunch, or locker.  Students are urged to put their names on items they bring, especially in the lower grades.  

Items not permitted for use in school, such as skateboards, radios, laser pens, CD players, cell phones, Ipods, Nintendo games, hand held toy games, and Palm Pilots used as games or entertainment and toys, etc., will be collected by the teacher, and given to the Principal for a parent to pick up.

Guns, knives or any other dangerous weapons may not be brought to school at any time.  Infractions will be dealt with severely.  No fake guns, water guns, etc., should be on campus, or at any school event without prior permission of the Principal.

Personal property including, but not limited to, clothing, book bags, notebooks, etc. may not have any controversial or offensive graphics, writing, or logos (i.e. skull and crossbones, etc.)

Students are discouraged from bringing valuables such as cameras or large amounts of money to school.  Jewelry, watches, glasses, and other personal items are strictly the responsibility of the student, not the school.  Preschool and elementary school students should not bring toys to school, except on designated days.

All music, games, etc. taken on field trips must meet honor code guidelines.

Consequences for Cell Phone and Electronic Equipment Use
Cell phones and electronic equipment cannot be visible, turned on, or used during the school day, in the school building or during afterschool study hall/extended care.  The school day is defined as 7:00 a.m until 3:15 p.m. The following are consequences for cell phone and electronic equipment infractions:
•    1st offense-cell phone/electronic equipment held until the end of the day by Principal and parent will need to pick up
•    2nd offense- cell phone/electronic equipment held until the end of the day by Principal and parent will need to pick up; two days of detention will be issued
•    3rd offense- cell phone/electronic equipment held until the end of the day by Principal and parent will need to pick up; one day of in-school suspension
•    4th offense-three days of out-of-school suspension and parent conference

Respect is one of the most important ingredients in any relationship.  Relationships have been designed by God in part to bring us to Christian maturity.  Proverbs 27:17 states, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  Without mutual respect, there can be no lasting positive benefits in a relationship.  Respect is needed between students and teachers as well as among the students themselves, as each one is made in the image of God.

Disrespect serves to tear down the work of God in the life of the individual, as well as the life and nature of the school.  Disrespect should not and will not be tolerated, whether in the form of talking back or “sassing” a teacher, willful disobedience, willful damage to another’s self esteem, including unkind or derogatory remarks, or in the form of willful damage to property.  Students will make errors due to immaturity or forgetfulness, and these will be dealt with appropriately.  However, disrespect will be considered intolerable.

Courtesy is the rule in all relationships.  The Apostle Paul says that “love . . . is not rude,” that is, it is mannerly.  This should be true at school, in the halls, in the classrooms, on field trips, on the athletic field, and on the bus.

Middle and high school students should remember that the buildings are being shared by different grade levels.  Courtesy to elementary teachers and students and to each other is expected.  Talking in the halls should be in a quiet conversational tone.  Loud talking, yelling, and horseplay are not permitted and will be considered minor to intermediate infractions.

Adults are to be addressed as Mr., Coach, Mrs., Ms., or Miss—never by first names.

Boy/girl relationships should include no physical contact, such as holding hands, embracing, or kissing.  Couples should not be together, un-chaperoned, at any place on the school grounds before, during, or after school.  This also applies to any school-sponsored athletic or social event.

SCA is committed to maintaining an academic environment in which all individuals treat each other with dignity and respect, and which is free from all forms of abuse, intimidation, exploitation, and harassment, including sexual harassment.  The school is prepared to take action to prevent and correct any violations of this policy.  

Spartanburg Christian Academy is God’s property, having been provided by FBNS to provide a Christian education to families in the Spartanburg area.  Respect, therefore, for the appearance and care of the buildings and grounds is expected of all students as a part of their Christian testimony.  Students are expected not only to avoid littering and defacing the campus, but also to actively help by picking up the trash that someone else has dropped, and to seek to prevent other people’s defacing the property.  This is especially relevant to the lunch room facilities. Students are responsible for cleaning up trash and spills in their areas (floor, table, chair, etc.), making certain it is clean for the next lunch shift.  Any student who disfigures property, breaks windows, does other damage to the buildings or equipment, or is part of a group that does, will be required to pay for damages or replace the item.  If the damage is willful, discipline will also result.

Students, guests, and visitors are asked to refrain from loitering, skating, or “hanging around” the buildings and grounds.
The same standard of conduct and dress required of students at school is also required of students and parents on school-sponsored activities and athletic events.  Siblings of students may not accompany parents on field trips. When a school vehicle is used to transport a mixed group of students to an activity, there will be adult chaperones aboard.