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SCA Alumni

     As a graduate of Spartanburg Christian Academy, remember our relationship has not ended…only changed locations.  You will now be carrying the name of Christ onto various college campuses  or into various fields of employment. We pray for you that you will bear the name of Christ well in all that you say and do. 


Thank you all so much for all you instill in him. He's growing not only physically but spiritually also. It's truly amazing the things he comes home and tells us!




Please be sure to inform the Guidance Office when you plan to miss school due to a college visit.  You may use two college visits during your junior year and two during your senior year.  These will be excused absences, however, you are still responsible for getting your assignments and completing any missed work.  Most colleges want you to register for these events, so be sure to contact the admissions office or register online at their websites.