Health, Safety & Security

Access to FBNS and consequently to areas used by SCA, is normally limited to two outside doors. These are closely monitored by the administration and by video cameras. When special programs are scheduled, other entrances are opened but traffic in SCA areas are under increased surveillance.
Classrooms are equipped with doors which can be locked from the inside to provide additional security for the occupants in an emergency. Procedures have been established to properly respond to emergencies.
In accordance with South Carolina state law and SCA school policy, school staff is obligated under penalty of fine and jail term to report the reasonable suspicion of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or child neglect. In this very serious and legally narrow area, the school will not contact parents in advance of making a report to authorities, which would be the procedure followed in most other legal matters. The clear intent of the law, based on the seriousness of the crimes listed above, is to mandate that a report of reasonable suspicion of abuse be made. School staff will make such reports in the best interest of the affected child and do not, once reasonable suspicion is established, have any legal alternative except to make the report to the proper authorities for their investigation and review.
Emergency Drills
Emergency preparedness drills such as fire, tornado, earthquake, lockdowns, etc. will be practiced frequently to ensure a proper and safe course of action in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Evacuation Plan
In the event the entire school and surrounding area must be evacuated, students will be transported by the SCA buses to First Baptist Spartanburg (downtown).
Emergency RESPONSE Plan
Control of Visitors
During an emergency, all visitors, except emergency workers, will be prohibited from entering the building. Visitors must wait outside the main office door until admitted by administrative personnel.
Lockdown Procedure
During an emergency situation, other than natural emergencies, the school will be alerted by a pre-arranged signal known to all faculty and staff. Upon receipt of the alert, the teachers will lock their classroom doors, turn off the lights, and have students sit quietly in the room until the “all clear” is given. Halls will be cleared of all personnel, except administrative and emergency workers.
If evacuation is necessary, one of two methods will be used. If conditions are safe enough, the building will be evacuated following fire drill procedures. If the situation dictates the exercise of caution, an administrator or emergency worker will lead each class to safety.
Medical Assistance
The North Spartanburg EMS and SRMC will be notified immediately upon the implementation of an emergency response plan.
Spartanburg Regional Medical Center (SRMC) will be the designated hospital for SCA in the event such facilities are needed.
Accountability for students
Teachers will insure that all students under their care are accounted for and safe. If evacuation is ordered, a roster will be taken to account for all students.
As soon as circumstances permit, parents of students will be informed of the situation and advised concerning pick-up of their children. Students will not be released to parents without the knowledge of the SCA administration. The classroom teacher and members of the administration will remain on-site until all students have been picked up by parents or guardians.

If it becomes necessary to close school or dismiss early due to inclement weather conditions or another emergency situation, please tune in to one of the following TV stations: WSPA, WYFF or FOX.
In addition to the TV stations, closing information will also be on the following after 6:00 a.m.:
  • School voice mail system: 578-4238 
  • SCA Website:
  • When needed, SCA email, text and/or phone call directly to parents
SCA will not necessarily follow any local school district for delays or closings. Decisions in this area will be made as early as possible to assist parents in making arrangements. 
If we are open and you determine the conditions too hazardous for driving, please use your discretion.  Students will not be penalized in this situation.   If SCA classes are canceled, all Extended Care programs will be canceled.
In the event of a 2 hour delay, preschool will not attend school. In the event of a 1 hour delay, preschool will report to school at 9:30 am. Preschoolers who are registered for extended care may report to school at 9:00 am when there is a 2 hour delay.
In the case of early dismissal after students have arrived at school, please do not call the voice mail system at 578-4238 as this would tie up our main phone line. Please use the other sources available. All classes will be dismissed from their assigned pick-up locations and should be picked up within 30 minutes. Please plan ahead and make emergency pick-up arrangements now to avoid confusion if and when the occasion arises.
Numerous staff members trained and certified in emergency first aid, CPR, and AED are always on the school premises during school hours.
Health Services
Health Room
The health room is equipped with one cot and basic equipment to administer first aid for all students. The primary responsibility of the school is to administer first aid and medications. SCA employs a full-time nurse for the health room. 
The health room facilities are limited in space and are used by the entire student body, therefore, parents are to:
  • Furnish the school with updated names and phone numbers of contact people (in addition to parents) as well as updated parents’ work and cell phone numbers.
  • Come promptly when notified of a student’s illness or injury.
  • Not request that we “allow student to rest in the health room for the remainder of the day.” We cannot provide continuous care for long periods of time. When the school contacts the parents, the staff believes it necessary for the student to go home.
  • Parents are asked to impress upon their students that requesting medications for headaches and upset stomachs should not become habitual. If a student is requesting medications often, parents will be encouraged to seek medical advice.
Students should be fever, nausea, vomit, and diarrhea free for at least 24 hours before returning to school. Students who are vomiting, have episodes of diarrhea, or have a temperature of 100 degrees or above will not be allowed to remain at school. Students who become ill at any time during the school day may obtain a pass from the teacher and report to the health room. Parents will be called to pick up the student and should pick up the student immediately. Parents who can not leave work immediately to pick up a child should make prior arrangements for emergencies.
Parents must come in to the school office and sign the student out.    If this procedure is not followed and the student leaves without checking out, the student will be charged with cutting school. No student will be allowed to drive home without parental permission.
Students with contagious diseases, such as pink eye or strep throat, must be on antibiotics and fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.
Upon having the following diseases, a child must have written consent from either a physician or the health department to return to school or be subject to school office approval for re-admittance: chicken pox, measles, mumps, bacterial pneumonia, tuberculosis, whooping cough, pin worms, scabies, ring worm, and impetigo.
Students who are unable to participate in physical education must have a note from the parents or a doctor’s excuse. A doctor’s excuse will be necessary after two consecutive class periods where the student is unable to participate.
Students not feeling well in the morning should stay home so other students are not infected or exposed. Students who are vomiting or running a fever should not be given medication and sent to school.  
Medicine Control
All student medications will be locked in the health room/offices. No medication (prescription or non-prescription) will be administered unless it is accompanied by a completed Medicine Dispense form giving permission for the school to administer the medicine. Forms are to be completed at the beginning of every school year for daily medications and as needed for any additional medications. 
Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Tums, Benadryl, and cough drops will be available through the health room.  Permission for the office to administer these medications is given on the SCA Enrollment form. If a child requires any other medication through the year (i.e. allergy or sinus medication, antibiotics) it must be brought to the health room. The medication must have the child’s name and a completed medication form with proper dosage and administration times. We cannot administer medication to a student from a container that has another child’s name (siblings included) on the prescription label.
First Aid Kits
All teachers have first aid kits which provide supplies to assist them in control of bleeding, disinfecting, and bandaging minor wounds, caring for insect bites, and attending other minor mishaps. If additional aid is needed, the student will be sent to the health room.
  • Students are not permitted in teachers’ workrooms.
  • Students are not permitted in offices or classrooms without adult supervision. 
  • Students are not to disturb classes in session by looking in or waving in front of classroom windows or doors.
  • The elevators are not for student use except for approved health reasons or in performing the duties of a teacher’s aide. 
  • Students must remain in areas designated for SCA. Other areas of the building and grounds are off-limits.
  • Students are not allowed on campus (including the gym) after 3:30 p.m. without adult supervision.
Due to increased numbers of parents and students who do not want addresses and phone numbers published, teachers will provide an opportunity for parents to approve the publication of this information. Teachers will make this list available to parents at the beginning of the year. Parents needing additional copies will need to contact the teacher.
Release of Students -Students will not be released to anyone without written authorization from the parents or guardians. Parents must sign students out at the Receptionist’s desk.
For security purposes, all school visitors must check in at the receptionist’s desk and have a visitor badge to be allowed on school hallways during school hours. Visitors without badges will be asked to go to the office for a badge.
Parents or other adults wishing to visit classes, should call the school office at least a day in advance for approval.